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Relax in our City Apartments

The Residence Deventer offers beautifully decorated boutique-style studios in the city center of Deventer. Located in the shopping area, within walking distance of cozy restaurants, the central station and other sights, The Residence Deventer offers you a wonderful stay.

From July 1st, we opened 6 beautiful City studios, all furnished in a luxurious boutique style, with a cozy living area. The studios are for a maximum of two people and have a full kitchen with fridge-freezer, combination microwave and dishwasher. On the second floor we even have a beautiful roof terrace where you can relax!

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City Apartment 1

2 Guests

31 m²

City Apartment 2

2 Guests

26 m²

City Apartment 3

2 Guests

27 sqm

City Apartment 4

2 Guests

27 sqm

City Apartment 5

2 Guests

27 sqm

City Apartment 6

2 Guests

25 sqm

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Our Amenities

Enjoy the comfort of our 6 beautifully appointed City studios, each designed to provide a feeling of home in the vibrant heart of the city. Located in the center of Deventer, our residence offers an unparalleled urban living experience. This prime location is just one of our 3 exceptional properties spread across the country, bringing our unique combination of comfort and convenience to the Netherlands' most important cities.

Heart of the City

"Convenience is our number one priority and staying at our hotel means you're within walking distance of the most popular attractions. No time wasted commuting or navigating unfamiliar streets - everything you desire is right outside your door."

Online Reservation

"Securely and effortlessly book your stay with us through our easy-to-use online booking system, designed to give you a seamless booking experience."

Denver Center

Experience the vibrant lifestyle of Deventer and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this historic city. The Residence Deventer is perfectly located in the heart of Deventer, enjoying the unique advantage of having the main attractions, the best dining and shopping areas right on your doorstep. Explore the charm of city life in Deventer, where you can experience the city's rich history and dynamic culture in just a few moments. Stroll through the picturesque streets, admire the beautiful medieval architecture and taste the local delicacies. Be surprised by the versatility and convenience that Deventer has to offer, straight from your accommodation.

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